Facebook Proxy

Schools, colleges, libraries and workplaces often employ filters to prevent access to popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social community sites. Facebook Proxy protects your Internet freedom by allowing you to get around such restrictions.

Our featured web based proxy allows you to unblock Facebook and other popular websites in a matter of just a single mouse click. We act as a broker/ a middleman between you and facebook.com or any other blocked web resource. In this process, our proxy script replaces sensitive data such as your IP address and other traceable information with its own values. You will be anonymous to the outside world since we hide your online identity. We do not expose you to visited websites; you never appear in their logs.

We are a completely free proxy service running entirely on advertising revenue. We cannot afford any abuse of our service. Please take your time to review our privacy policy and terms of usage for more detailed information.

You can entirely switch off JavaScript and flash content which can be insecure time to time. Just turn on - "Remove Scripts" and "Remove Objects" available in advanced options.

Do not forget to bookmark us. Simply use top-right button or Press Ctrl+D

Filtering software block proxy sites when they are detected. Get new proxies emailed directly. Please join our yahoo group for a reliable proxy source.

New Unblockers

Our website is NOT affiliated with Facebook, Inc. and only intended to function as a free web based service offering access to Facebook.com where your freedom of expression is violated. We have absolutely zero tolerance on unlawful activities using our resources. We maintain logs to prevent abuse. Please refer to our privacy policy for more on what we do and do not.